Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Thought Runs in My Mind..forever!

The husband takes his wife out. There is nothing new in this. But if the husband takes her out cunningly with the idea of pushing her down the hill??


Well, we could say one of the many weird imaginations of Tamizh cinema...

And they go atop the Hill singing a duet.
At the end of the song, there is a twist..

This sequence appeared in the 1949 movie ‘Mandiri Kumari’.

The song ‘Vaarai Nee Vaarai’ rendered by the inimitable Trichy Loganathan and Jikki became an instant hit.

This song based on Raag Bhimplaas was composed by the great G Ramanathan.

An almost similar sequence appeared in a 1981 tamizh film ‘Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru’.

With K. Bhagyaraj and Sathyakala in the lead, the song is yet another gem from the Maestro.

The first thing that strikes us is the tune itself.

The Master chose to use Kalyani ragam for the song.

Strange? Weird?

But I find it to be amazing…

Just goes to show how things can look different in the hands of the magician.

The next thing is the orchestration (of course!).

The prelude is just one note from guitar.

The Flute and the strings in the pallavi in the gap between the male and female voices carry lot of meanings. The Flute represents the innocent loyal wife while the strings represent the cunning criminal husband.

Throughout the composition one can see the juxtaposition of contrasting elements.

Take the first interlude where the flute plays a big role.One almost hears a plaintive cry when the notes are repeated and before we realise that the violin orchestra starts in western style(with Indian flavour!).

The second interlude is another beauty and we can easily visualize the husband’s futile attempts to murder his wife with her wife being totally oblivious to it.
The Bass Guitar says it all…

Added attraction - Malaysia Vasudevan and Janaki.

Further attraction-The Lyrics(Vaali) that depict the character of the two.

Yes, there is always a thought running in my mind.

I wish to keep listening to music-Maestro’s music in particular-forever...

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