Friday, 27 November 2009

Garden of Music..

It is a garden of flowers.We see the trees, plants, and creepers.We hear the song of the birds..

Is it just the birds?

Hey, wait! We feel the trees are singing; the plants and creepers providing the orchestra; the birds and animals dancing.

It is a garden of Swaras.. A Musical Garden!

‘Nadhiyai Thedi Vantha Kadal’(1979) was yet another novel adapted for movies.Written by the tamizh writer Maharishi, the novel revolved around one middle aged woman.

This was the last film of Jayalalitha who played the middle- aged woman.

But let us focus our attention on the musical garden.

The composition starts with the simple but beautiful humming of Shailajaa.

The birds welcome us ..and…the floodgates open.

It is a dazzling canopy as one hears the flute and we jump and run with joy.We chase the birds as the strings and the violins play.

We get to see the jumping rabbits, romantic deers, majestic lions, astonishingly beautiful monkeys, and sweet parrots in the first interlude.

In the second interlude dominated by the violin (and how wonderfully conceived!), we see the multi hued butterflies flapping their wings and playing with the flowers.We see the luscious fruits.We see the covey of birds.

A grand spectacle!

It is palpable blithe in the third interlude as the violins follow the strings.

Harmony all around.

Yes, harmony of nature.Harmony of his music.

Garden of flowers-Garden of Swaras-Garden of the Emperor of Film Music!


SS said...

I just realized that if this song was sung for Jayalalitha, then Shailaja's voice kind of matches so well with the slightly nasal tone!.
The chirping birds was such a refreshing addition. IR has a fascination with the sound of the birds I deduce. He uses even their random chirps as an embellishment for the song.
This reminds me of something that I read from an interview of CV and Vazhuvoorar. I believe he would ask students to observe nature and say, "Be inspired by nature."

The small flute section before the song begins (ie after Shailaja's humming)reminded me of this other wonderful song by Swarnalatha (Meena's movie)- Kuyil paatu.. That's a fantastic song too!

Raj said...

Though I have not watched the movie, I think this was not sung by Jayalalita..

'Inspired by nature'-Yes..apt for the getleman from Pannaippuram!