Friday, 18 December 2009

It is raining music...

It is raining in Chennai..
Yes..natural rain and musical rain(isaivizha).

Now talking about the rain,

Most of us have had the experience of watching a Drizzle..

Many of us have run out of the house to get drenched..

Some of us have danced to the beats of the rain drops..

Here is a song that makes us do all these!

This is a song for the 1977 film 'AaLukkoru Aasai'.

What makes this song great?

Is it the base voice rendering ?

Is it the very different tune ?

Is it the orchestration ?

Is it the modulation ?

Is it the acoustic Guitar that appears now and then?

Is it the Bass Guitar?

Is it the Spanish Flavour?

Is it Yesudass?

Is it Suseela?

Listen and tell me if you can find the answer..

If I was asked to describe this song in two different words,I would say


This is the real "Isaimazhai"!

Rain of Music!

1 comment:

Es_Chris said...

It is a very nice song. Very difficult to single out a single reason in that song. The whole package is a treat in itself..