Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Colourful Musical Garden..

In tamizh cinema, some intelligent directors (though it is a rarity!) use songs very effectively.

Balachander used to boast that people would find to get up during the song sequence in his movies because he would narrate the story in the song itself.

One of the intelligent directors in tamizh cinema who could not cope up with the demands of the distributors was Mahendran.I am saying in past tense because he no longer makes any films.

Though he became popular with ‘Mullum malarum’ and very popular with ‘UthirippookkaL’, some of his movies have not been popular.

‘Poottatha PoottukkaL’ was one such film.
It was a story about a childless couple.I do not want to get into the story now.

But what I would like to get into is the way he introduced the characters using a song sequence.The picturisation was great.But most importantly, the song(lyrics by Panchu Arunachalam), the tune, and the music are fantabulous.

It is ‘Vanna Vanna Vanna Pooncholaiyil’.

The prelude is very interesting.It starts with a violin prelude juxtaposed with the string.

The tempo that was very slow suddenly gains moment as the guitar and the flute start.Janaki’s humming takes over now.

The pallavi is simple and attractive and the guitar piece in between the lines add to the beauty.

The first interlude transports us to the western countryside and suddenly we are brought back to a South Indian village as we hear the flute and the throbbing of the Ghatam.
The wonderful guitar piece-a kind of 'theme music' of the song-in the charanams is possible only by one gentleman.

The second interlude has the beautiful violins and the Dilruba and of course Janaki.Do we need to say more?

The way Janaki renders the word ‘NaaNam..’ is a lesson for the bunch of younger lot who pretend to sing with expressions.

Don’t we all want to be part of this musical colourful garden?


Suresh S said...


I have not heard this song earlier. Thanks for introducing this song.

When Mahendran and Raja come together, there is nothing much we can say, is it? Because we will end up exhausting the adjectives in our dictionary!!! :)

Raj said...

Some of the lesser known works in this combination include 'Azhagiya Kanne'(not the song but the movie by this name),and the 2 hindi songs in 'NaNdu'.

'Pootaatha PoottukkaL' was a bold theme fairly presented.Have you listened to 'Aanandam Aanandam' and 'Nenjukkulle aasai vantha' from this movie?

Aakarsh said...


Even I never heard this one. somehow you have this uncanny exuberance, if i can call it so, to dig out very rare and lesser-heard gems, to showcase them to the world. A reason good enough to make me visit your blogs often.
Liked the song a lot. Sounds like Keeravani.
If there is any composer, for whose work i cannot draw a line and say "This is his complete work ever", it is Ilaiyaraaja. I keep finding gems as i keep digging. We get tired, but the man himself doesnt get tired.
Thanks for introducing us to many rare songs.

Raj said...

Thanks Kamal!

As I have always been saying, I grew up with his music right from my formative years and whatever littel knowledge I have is because of him.

Maybe this is the reason for that 'uncanny exuberance'!

There are more and more gems waiting to reach you..

chandanaar said...

Good article Raj,
Songs from 'Azhagiya Kanne' are also very good. One Jesudoss number is haunting. I like songs from 'enakkaaga kaathiru'.I consider this album is one of raja's very best albums.
'O nenjame', ' pani mazhai vizhum', 'dhagam edukkira nernam', 'O maria (sung by raja) are amazing numbers in that movie.
Thanks for ur post.

Raj said...

Thanks a lot..
Yes..'enakkaga Kaathiru' also has some awesome numbers.
I had discussed about 'Pani mazhai vizhum' in this blog-

and 'Daagam Edukkura' in my other blog:
Pl. go thru these and give your feedback.
I have just now started reading your Blog..Interesting!

Rajesh S said...


My name is Rajesh, and I recently posted all the songs from Nandu (including the hindi song) and Enakkaaga Kaathiru on Youtube. I found out about your discussion on Nandu/Enakkaaga Kaathiru songs just by coincidence, and I'm happy to inform you that these songs are now available on Youtube.

Also, I have all of J.Mahendran/Ilayaraja combo movies with me, and I am planning on posting all the songs from Poottatha Poottukkal, Metti, Kannukku Mai Ezhuthu, Azhagiya Kanne, Anbulla Malare, Uthiri Pookkal, Nenjathai Killathey on Youtube within the next 3 weeks.

I have also uploaded several other rare and hit tamil songs from the 80s on Youtube.

Please visit my youtube uploads and share your comments on these golden hit songs by IR so everyone else can participate in the discussion!

I'm happy to share these video songs with other music fans if they are interested. Please let me know by email at if you'd like a copy of these songs.


Raj said...

Thanks Rajesh!

Shall surely visit your youtube channel.Please go through all my posts in this blog and in my other blog where I try and describe the classical elements in his music :