Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Celebrating Life..

The concept of New Year is very interesting.

For some, it is an excuse for socializing. For some, it is an excuse for taking new resolutions (that last for 2-3 days or at the most a week). For some, it is an excuse for roaming around.

So, what is the big point in all the celebrations and wishes? Do these carry any meaning at all? After all, is Jan 1st not just another date? Is 2014(or for that matter any year) not just a number?

Long back, I had written in my blog regarding numbers and their significance. Just for a moment, imagine as to what would happen if there were no numbers in this world. How would we then measure anything then? How do we set time? How do we know what happened and when?

Is it possible to live without numbers even for a second?

Maybe,  that is why great poets like Thirumazhisai Aazhwar and AruNagirinatharcomposed a lot of songs that revolved around numbers.

Well..all this is fine..But why do we need to celebrate the birth of a New Year?

The question itself carries the answer..

‘Birth’.. ‘Jananam’..

This brings hope and therefore radiates positive energy. The energy gives us confidence. Confidence makes us achieve. Achievement gives us self-actualisation. Self-actualisation gives us positive energy…

It is a cycle (thankfully not a vicious cycle!).

364 days from now, we will be on the last day of 2014, getting ready to celebrate the birth of 2015!

If on that day, we feel happy and content with the way we have gone about accomplishing goals and targets, then that Unit of measurement called ‘Time’ was usefully spent.If we don’t, we then hope to do it in the New Year. After all, is it not Hope that keeps us going?

Today’s special song, ‘Happy New Year’ from ‘Maane Maane’(1984) celebrates New Year. In fact, it celebrates Life itself.
Raaja sir who is very familiar with the different forms of World Music has a special liking for Sri Lankan music. 

This genre called ‘Baila’(Ilangai oliparappu koottusthapanam used to call this as ‘Pop Isai paadalgaL’ is very interesting and unique. These songs have the prominent guitar (electric and distortion), trumpets and bass guitar. One also finds the clap sound now and then. Most importantly, the tunes have a very special ethnic flavour.

‘Happy New Year..’ is one such song.

Over a period of time, I shall take up some of his other compositions composed in this style.

The prelude makes us sway, get up, and dance..

The unique voice of Malaysia Vasudevan and a very funny but different voice of Sundarrajan (not TMS!) pep up the Pallavi.

The second part of the first interlude-with the western flute- is poignant but at the same time very melodious. The way it gathers momentum later is simply magical.

The first part with the guitar and the claps is vivacious.

The second interlude is graceful, fluid, luscious and brims with energy.

The CharaNams are resplendent with the voice of Janaki adding lustre.
The alien notes in the third and fourth lines give a kind of smugness to the entire composition.

Let us celebrate the New Year.. Let us celebrate Hope..

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