Monday, 14 July 2014


It was a quiet night.

Or was it? Quiet outside but the entire family was watching something on the television. And we were not alone. Millions of people across the globe were watching the same programme at the same time. Suddenly, my son got up saying ‘oh….’. Even as we were looking at him quizzically, he said, ‘Ronaldo’s free kick pa. See now, he will stand with his legs spread like this and look straight’. He demonstrated that and within a few seconds, we saw a replica on our screen with that great player from Portugal, doing exactly like how Viraj demonstrated!

It is a different issue that he couldn’t score in that free kick and also his team ended up as a losing side. But that moment is an unforgettable one for me.  I looked at my son with a sense of pride (though he did not know this and even now I am afraid is oblivious to this). Feeling of a father when he comes to know that his son after all knows certain details and nuances which he himself doesn’t know. This feeling I am sure cannot be matched and is unique.

Unique is that Event too which occurs once in 4 years around this time. No singular Event is viewed with so much of passion by people. It also has the maximum viewership. That beautiful game called as Foot Ball is a way of life for many. Coming to think of it, this game is like our life itself. We all move towards a goal in life. There are many impediments and obstacles in our way. But we keep moving; moving fast. In the process, if we commit a mistake, we are penalized. At times we are penalized even if we don’t do anything wrong.  In any case, the rules of the game must strictly be followed. Once we achieve a goal, we don’t stop and keep looking for more. The only major difference between a game of foot ball and life is while in the former, we don’t let the opponents achieve the goal, in the latter, we cannot afford to do that.

Foot Ball also provides non-stop action, entertainment and excitement.  Most importantly, it involves a lot of team work and spirit and also inculcates a sense of discipline.

The 31 day rendezvous has come to an end and deservingly the Title of World Champions has gone to the most consistent and exciting Team in the World. I can empathise fully with the entire nation of Germany (remember how we Indians were on the 25th June, 1983 and on 2nd Apr, 2011?). Let us congratulate the team from Deutschland and thank them for providing such great entertainment!!

Let us celebrate the victory with a German song set to tune by our Maestro!

Issh le from Pudhu Paattu(1990)  is yet another gem from the Treasure Trove. Rendered with passion by Janaki, the song is as romantic as the game of foot ball.

The song starts with the exquisite strumming of the guitar. It pulls the chords in our hearts. As we close our eyes and begin to immerse ourselves in the Major scale, Janaki with her inimitable voice starts singing in pure German. The glistening rhythm guitar sounds now and then in the first two lines enhancing the experience.

Lo and behold! We hear Tamizh superimposed on German. The rhythm pads join now making us nod our heads. The guitar continues its journey but this time in the minor scale. We see the beautiful Danube and Rhine as the higher octave strings which back the vocals transport us to the Deutschland.

Exotic and Exhilarating!

It is spiritual too as the chorus renders ‘Lead, kindly light’.

Work towards a goal with sincerity, dedication and focus. Sky is the limit!!

This is what Foot Ball teaches us… And Life too..